SPRING 2021 One Room Challenge, Baby!

Ok, y’all. So if you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I decided to join the Spring One Room Challenge. I had absolutely no intention of doing so until a few weeks ago, when I stopped by my husband’s office to give him something and realized how horribly SAD not only his office was, but my brother-in-laws as well.

It didn’t take more than a minute for the lightbulb in my crazy head to go off, and I decided that I would not only undertake one room for this season’s challenge, but TWO!

So I will be re-vamping two large office spaces in 8 weeks time, and I have also decided to challenge myself by keeping my total budget for both spaces combined UNDER $2500. I plan to do this by re-purposing furniture and accessories I already have on hand, sourcing from FB Marketplace (only buying new what I absolutely have to), and of course, doing all the work myself.

For dramatic visual affect, I am sharing with you some pictures of these spaces BEFORE I get my hands on them, as well as some inspiration boards I have put together for each space.

Here is the Inspiration Board for Adam’s Office

I am going pretty bold in Adam’s office. When I first told him I was selecting red hues for the walls, he thought I was joking. Fortunately, he trusts me and my design choices enough by now to know that when I have a vision, regardless of how iffy it may sound to him, I always end up pulling it off and creating something he loves. I decided to go with Reid Brown by Benjamin Moore for the walls which is a beautiful reddish-brown. Im going to layer lots of pretty fabrics, plaids and ticking stripes, hang a wallpaper mural (from my print shop Jefferson Home Print Shop) The Lackawanna River Valley, on one wall to add some nice color to the sea of red and blue and will be DIYing alot of storage solutions for him.

And here is my brother-in-law’s current office space…….

Here is Casey’s Inspiration Board

Casey’s taste is a little different from mine, in the sense that he leans a little bit more modern/industrial than I do, so I really wanted to honor that for him and not just create a space that I love (since i’m not going to be the one working in it every day) I decided to go with a beautiful muted green for the walls, Caldwell Green by Benjamin Moore, and will be incorporating this amazingggg York Wallpaper as an accent wall in here, and will be adding some really masculine textiles like rich linens and faux leathers. Casey is an outdoorsman and loves nature, so i’ll be adding some art from my print shop to reflect that. Storage is another big issue in here, so i’ll be adding some IKEA units as well as DIY hacking an IKEA bookshelf to give him a custom built-in look.

Last minute addition, because why the hell not! I am going to also be tackling the lobby/entryway area of their office! Right now its essentially dead space, but I will be making this an area that will serve them well both in form and function. I’m painting this space Porch Swing by Benjamin Moore and I plan to create a seating area with chairs, a coffee table and entertainment center on the one side of the room, and the other side will serve as a coffee/drink/snack station and will feature the MOST BEAUTIFUL 1838 Wallcoverings Wallpaper on this wall.

I’m so excited to get started and can’t wait for you all to follow along and watch the craziness unfold! You can follow along with ALL of the amazing designers and rooms by clicking here! Or type in https://www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog/ into your search engine!

xoxo Tori



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  1. Love these plans, oh my gosh I can’t even decide which office design I like better! Can’t wait to see it come together!

  2. This is amazing. Love all of these, so different and beautiful. We are sure they will love it. Can’t wait to see the process!

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