Kitchen Refresh Plans

Ok, so as most of you have been following along on this journey with me via Instagram, you know that a kitchen refresh is on the horizon. This kitchen was renovated by the previous owners about 6-7 years ago I believe, so while we can not at this time justify a complete gut-job renovation on this space, it definitely needs some work.

Bistro Table / Shelving Brackets / Knobs / Sink Faucet / Pendants / Range

First and foremost, the cabinets are just not doing it for me. At first glance, they’re not so bad, but the more I have lived with them, the more I cant stand to look at them. They also are not soft-close doors, which may make me sound spoiled, but when you live with four crazy kids, trust me, soft close kitchen doors are a NECESSITY. I will be removing the upper cabinets completely, wallpapering that area, and then will install open shelving.

The bottom cabinets and trim work (and possibly the ceiling) will all be painted the most beautiful shade of dark-green: Shade Grown by Sherwin Williams. Ill be using Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Enamel for trim and cabinets (which will follow a coat of Zinnser BIN Shellac Primer) I will also be replacing the cabinet hardware with these beautiful ball door knobs from Pepe and Carol’s.

Unfortunately, the range had to be replaced. Critters apparently went to town on the wiring on the $15,000 commercial range they had installed just a few years ago, and our appliance guy said there was nothing he could do, the damage was done. I did a TON of research, as I was having a really hard time swallowing the idea of spending $10-15k on ONE appliance, when there are so many other things we still need to buy for this house, and I found this beautiful Zline 48″ Gas Range for an amazing price and it had GREAT reviews! Fingers crossed it arrives before Thanksgiving!

I know some of you might be torn on my pendant light option for over the island, but to be honest, i’d be concerned if everyone liked my choice and then i’d probably end up switching it anyways. I don’t put things in my home because its the popular choice, I put things in my home because I love them. These Lotus Flower Convertible Pendants are everything I love about design. A touch of classic mixed with a little touch of fun, unique whimsical goodness. I was sold on them from the moment I laid eyes on them.

My wallpaper samples have not arrived yet, but I just have that feeling that I already know this Designer’s Guild Groussay Wallpaper is going to be the one. The colors, the pattern, the quality of the paper… it’s checking all the boxes for me. I’m going to honestly be very shocked if this sample comes in and it doesn’t confirm my suspicions.

Lastly, I decided to add two small bistro tables to the built-in window seats. I think this will be a much utilized addition as we already enjoy sitting in these beautiful arched windows so much, and I think the kids especially will get use out of this additional table space for a quick breakfast before school and whatnot. These Marble Bistro Accent Tables are the PERFECT size, style and price point!

Wish me luck as I hope to get started on this project this week!





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